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Trueform Plastering - Damp Specialist

All buildings are surrounded by natural moisture that unless prevented is trying to get into the structure of the building. Materials such as stone and brick are naturally porous and will gradually soak up moisture via their capillaries.

When a building is constructed, a measure to prevent damp is generally installed in the form of a physical (lead lined bituminous or other membranes, slate, blue brick) damp proof course into the walls however, when this preventative damp treatment does not exist or becomes damaged the most common result is damp.

Contact an experienced damp specialist today for a free no obligation quote. Specialists in Air Gap Membrane, Render Tanking and damp course injection.

Airgap Membrane Taking Systems

What problems can be caused?

Rising damp is unsightly, potentially unhealthy, and can cause heat loss due to the increased conductivity of the walls. If you notice the tell tale signs of rising damp a general rule of thumb is that the sooner you start thinking about resolving the issue, the less likely for more damage to occur and the lower the potential costs to remedy the issue. Often, the easiest and most reliable way to do this is to contact an experienced and qualified rising damp specialist such as ourselves that are familiar with rising damp problems and the variety of rising damp treatments available.

What to look for?

  • Localised dampness — Blotchy patches on internal walls.
  • Plaster damage — Plaster & paint deterioration, blistering, appearance of stains & salts.
  • Wet Rot — Rotting skirting boards or timber.
  • Mould — Mouldy smell or signs of mould growth on internal decoration.
  • Moss — Excessive moss growth on external walls.
  • Brick damage — Moisture entering the brick (known as spalling) causes surface damage.
Airgap Membrane Taking Systems

How Trueform Plastering can help.

We’re here to help, if you have any questions about damp proofing please don’t hesitate to call.  We can call round and give you a free no obligation quote.

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